Supply Only & Design

Our supply only services are unique to Rapid. We will help with calculation, design and layout drawings to then provide you with a cut list IF necessary, or you can simply download our cut list schedule and fill in for floor deck, roof and trim schedules.

Simply submit to our team when ordering and we will process your order and secure a delivery date with consideration to your site demands.

If you want to see how install is done, see some of the tutorial video on the installation tips tab below.

You can also calculate the volume of concrete required. Simply select the profile type your using, slab depth and m2 volume, it will automatically calculate how much concrete you will save using metal deck!

Buy Back

We will buy any type of deck of excess over ordered deck from site, please let us know what deck type and gauge you have on site with a schedule of lengths. One of our buyers will come out and assess the quality of the deck you have on site. If it meets our quality criteria we will buy any amount back from you to stock in our stockyard for our small works urgent demands.

Please talk to our team to arrange this if you have any floor or roof deck on site in good condition.