Full Autocad Design Service For Your Project

Full Autocad design service for your project

RMD decking can be used as permanent shuttering to an insitu concrete topping, or as both shuttering and tensile reinforcement to form what is referred to as a composite floor slab.

Composite floor slabs form the most frequent application, and these are designed to the currently applicable design code BS5950: Part 4.

When the deck is used for permanent shuttering the slab should be designed independently, and the deck performance is only considered in construction stage only. We have software that can calculate the exact design parameters which will give you a full report on behavior of the deck and concrete.

RMD design will provide all design input for composite and sacrificial formwork applications with steel frame integration design reports for extra reassurance.

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The software built by the SCI is now being used by our office to provide comprehensive calculations to our client engineers. All insurances and quality control certificates for the company and manufacturing facility is in place including the FPC, CE marking and test certificates.

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Our Cloud Based Software Link Beam and Deck engineering software :- RMD Profile Design Software

To help assist your concrete solution, we have created a handy calculator that can provide you with guide to how much concrete you will require depending on profile used, slab depth & area of flooring. This is an Excel spreadsheet which can be downloaded using the link below.

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