Air Safety Mats for Construction and Trucks

The leading edge in construction safety

The ultimate affordable solution for effective fall protection for the safe installation of hollowcore, beam and block floors, roof trusses and any other installation where there is a risk of falling.

The air mat system maximises safety procedures while working on upper floors. The system benefits from being able to be erected quickly and versatile enough to cover almost any shape.

Rapid Metal Deck is working in partnership with some of the leading building companies in the UK.

TruckMat System

The use of airbags as collective passive fall protection is now incorporated in the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

Air Safety Mats are extensively used in the Construction Industry. The TruckMat System is a development of this patented system and is designed specifically to address the issues of falls from height when loading or unloading truck and trailers and when carrying out high level maintenance. Deaths caused by falls from trucks in 2001-2002 were only 3 fewer than falls from roofs.

The standard system comprises 11 inflatable modules, in a range of sizes, to accommodate a variety of truck and trailer length combinations and is inflated by a pup-driven fan which can be either petrol or electric.

The module width has been designed to accommodate potential fall heights of up to 3.5 metres. Wider modules can be made to order for heights exceeding this.

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