About Our Business

The History of RMD

The Beginning

Rapid Metal Deck began in 2009 in the thick of a recession with the founder Matt Cunliffe (AKA Mike Adams) having no choice but to start the business following the loss of his job with the industry leaders at the time after they closed their doors. The company evolved from a small works supplier as a husband and wife team, to a company that now manufactures and installs with all design capabilities incorporated to support all our clients circumstances.

With a committed team and a passion for the business, the company grew and gained a reputation for a quality service and fast response to challenging situations. The growing team of people in the business have gained considerable and valuable experience and as a result, RMD have some of the highest quality craftspeople in the industry, both at the front line and in the back office.


The vision for RMD was to maintain a sustainable, secure company for its staff, by providing fair pricing and quality services to their clients, RMD recognised that the only way to do that was to become manufacturers which encouraged RMD to strike a deal with a Manufacturing group which led to the development and installation of a roll-former, with the capacity of producing 20,000m² of decking in a single 8 hr shift. The manufacturing plant was implemented in late 2017 and is now in production ready to service the market in 2018 and beyond.

The Future

Having bought all the elements of the business together in house under one roof, RMD now offer design, quotation, drawing, manufacture, supply and fix, supply only and stud welding to our growing list of clients.

Manufacturing in real time on demand means we can keep our supply times faster than any of our competitors and our experienced fixing teams are known for their willingness to go above and beyond to get the job done.

So, we say a big thank you to all those loyal customers who have been part of this journey and a warm welcome to new customers as they join us along the way. The team here at RMD look forward to offering the very best levels of service and the fast response that we have built our reputation on.

Our Vision

To provide efficient services and a high level of communication to enhance your customer experience with us. With constant focus on reducing the construction time to deliver extra value. We believe that repeat business is earned as we continue to innovate our processes through offering outstanding services to UK and European markets, to become the best design, manufacturer, and contractor in the world!

Mission Statement

We are committed to communicating in an informed and efficient way all information that helps our valued client get the best from our products and services. Working within our 6 points of culture to ensure everyone who works with us feel valued and satisfied. We will treat you with the upmost respect, integrity and attention.

Our purpose is to enhance and support you with our supreme services to suit the demanding lead times often imposed on construction sites. At the same time offer a high level of flexibility with a clear understanding of each other’s requirements with empathy, honesty, efficiency and safety at our core, we assure all our clients they are in good hands with a professional company that cares.



I speak positively to fellow staff members and clients alike, I like to empower people to listen and find a solution to a problem and help solve any challenge I possibly can.


I always speak the truth, what I promise I deliver. If I feel I may fail a promise I will communicate with the affected party straight away and explain fully the reason for a delay and offer a positive solution. I will be astute and responsible.


I will always innovate and strive to come up with new ideas to improve productivity, I will share those ideas with my team to help educate others within my team and clients. If I make mistakes I will learn from them, and construct ways of ensuring those mistakes are not easy to make again and again, at the same time educating the team with my positive outcome.


I am truly responsible for my actions and results, I take pride in everything I do and I am proud of what I do.


That will do, isn’t enough, I am proud to deliver a high quality product and fully informed communication to our client base, taking care of all information required so the end product is delivered with precision and on time. Consistency, I am consistent in my actions so clients and team mates feel comfortable in dealing with me. I am disciplined in my work so my results, growth and success are consistent.


Integrity, Exceptional Service, High Level of Communications, Top Quality Products, High Efficiency, Safe, Clean and Orderly working environment, leading to total client satisfaction.